Hallyu of the Dead

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In the hustling and bustling city of Seoul, South Korea, a deadly virus hits. The epidemic causes everyone to turn into K-Pop zombies. With the virus quickly spreading, there is no guarantee that anyone can survive the hoard of deadly dancing un-dead. 




Behind the Curtains

As a fan of Korean pop culture, this project turned into somewhat a parody of K-Pop. Being a long time follower of K-Pop, I had an idea of what goes on behind the scenes of all the glitter and shininess of what it is to be the next K-Pop Star. It isn’t hard to see that so many young Korean girls and boys strive for perfection in talent, intelligence, and especially, physical appearance.







Toy Blocks
Hallyu of the Dead started as a design for a set of toy blocks. In this project, I designed about 20 different blocks. The designs were then modeled in 3D using Maya. The final step was to create the prototype set using just paper and glue.


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